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The Woodbury Bethlehem Parent Connection is a
non-profit organization designed to educate and empower parents / caregivers who have kids (of any age) who are using or abusing drugs or alcohol.

Our goal is to provide hope & support, in a strictly confidential setting, to those in crisis and assist those to learn to take care of themselves, as well.  We hope that this organization will bring some measure of peace to families in crisis that previously had nowhere to turn.

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Our 9th Annual "Walk Supporting Addiction Recovery" kicks off at approximately 6:30 pm and is an easy stroll through town. At the halfway point, there will be a small display of eternal lights in memory of the 27 we have loved and lost to the disease of addiction. Upon our return to the Hollow, we will hold a brief candlelight vigil in support of those fighting this disease, admiring the survivors, honoring those we've lost, and reminding ourselves and each other "there's ALWAYS HOPE!" There will be a variety of resources available at the Hollow for those looking for information on addiction as well.

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Lesley Gomez
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